2021 Enrolment closing date


In Week 10 of Term 2 I had the privilege of being able to travel again to Yandeyarra Remote Community, with 23 Manea students, 3 students from The Follow the Dream Program, and MSC teachers Dave and Tammy.

We were immersed into many amazing opportunities, engaging in the community’s culture and experiences, whilst running many projects and being part of the community Naidoc celebrations over the course of the 7-day trip.

Being given the opportunity to be involved in a remote community for a week is an eye opening but special experience. If you ever come across an opportunity to travel remotely, whether it is at MSC, or if it’s outside of school, it is an experience you will never forget.

Like the other students, I would say you create lifelong memories that are so irreplaceable, and that you will treasure forever. Lastly, we wouldn’t be able to have this opportunity without 4 very special people those being Dave, Tammy, Rod, and Andrew who is Yandeyarra Remote Community School Principal.  The Out on Country trip to Yandeyarra, was an experience of a lifetime, which was so special and one that us students will remember and treasure forever.

Jorja Williams, Year 12 student

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