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Vocational Education & Training

Are you after hands on, practical skills and knowledge that prepares you for the world of work? Are you looking for a pathway to provide you with industry skills to join the workforce?

Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides you with skills and knowledge to perform effectively in the workplace. A VET qualification prepares you for, or in some instances qualifies you to do, a specific job.
VET can contribute directly to your career goals no matter what your destination is. It all counts in some way at different points in your career.

Why Would I Choose Vocational Education & Training?
  • VET offers many pathways towards your career and vocation aspirations
  • VET is nationally recognised which means you can take it anywhere in Australia
  • VET contributes significantly towards your WACE.
The VET Pathway is for students who are looking at:
  • Completing a Certificate, WACE and going on to further study at TAFE/work;
  • Starting an apprenticeship at school and completing WACE;
  • Bridging to University
  • Leaving school before graduating
Work Placement

Often students combine VET with Workplace Learning. Students can use time spent in the workplace towards meeting the requirements of WACE through an Endorsed Program.

Trade Training Centre Courses

Bunbury Regional Trade Training Centre (BRTTC) are purpose built, industry standard facilities that operate over three sites – Bunbury Catholic College, Eaton Community College and Manea Senior College. BRTTC 2023 Prospectus.


South Regional TAFE Courses

This booklet provides information on the range of qualifications being offered at South Regional TAFE South West and Central campus under the Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) program. SRTAFE 2022 offerings.

A new 2023 course booklet will be made available during Term 2, once received from South Regional TAFE. 

Manea Senior College Courses

CourseCertificate level & codeYear Level
Graphic Design CIII - CUA30720Year 11
Aquatics CIII - SIS30115Year 11
Basic Health CareCIII - HLT31215Year 11
Animal StudiesCIII - ACM30117Year 11
FitnessCIII - SIS30315Year 11 or 12
Science BiologyCIV - 22442VICForensic Stream. Year 12
Science BiologyCIV - 22442VICPsychology Stream. Year 12
Science (Biology)CIV - 22442VICExercise Science Stream. Year 12
Science (Biology)CIV - 22442VICAnimal and Marine Stream. Year 12
Preparation for Health & Nursing EducationCIV - 52831WAYear 12

Creative Industries – Cert II – 3D Animation Foundation
Information, Digital Media and Technology – Cert III (Game Design Foundations)

*Online courses are specifically aimed at students who display excellent time management skills, self-discipline and have achieved the required entrance levels. Students need to demonstrate traits to achieve success in self-paced/unsupervised learning environment. Online courses have different levels of student support and mentoring from RTO and/or MSC.
College approval is required to undertake online courses

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