2021 Enrolment closing date


Mission Statement

We are concerned with the holistic development of every student. We
pride ourselves in empowering students to achieve their potential,
through the provision of skills, opportunities, direction and support.
We aim to build resilience, raise awareness, develop tolerance and
assist students towards a well-rounded and successful life. We are
committed to providing professional, positive and relevant services in a
range of areas.

Student services team:

Support team

Attendance Officer: Peta.Parsons@education.wa.edu.au
School Psychologist: Emmalee Walton (Monday, Tuesday + every 2nd Wednesday)

Services Provided

Counselling; psychological support; study skills and exam preparation; health and wellbeing information and seminars; student / teacher liaison; career guidance; referrals to external agencies; guest speakers and presentations, College events.

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