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ATAR courses @ manea

At Manea we have an extensive range of ATAR courses designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter universities directly.

To enter a university directly a student needs a minimum of four ATAR courses. English is the only compulsory subject however it does not have to be included in the four courses that make up your ATAR score. 

Students completing a Training pathway may choose to study an ATAR course, particularly in English or Mathematics. Not only is this beneficial for employment prospects but an ATAR English course linked to a Certificate IV course opens up possibilities for an alternative university entrance.

ATAR courses on offer:

  • Applied IT
  • Biology
  • Business 
  • Chemistry
  • Dance (After Hours)
  • Design 
  • English
  • English as an Additional Language (EALD)
  • Geography
  • Human Biology
  • Literature
  • Mathematics – Applications / Methods / Specialist
  • Media Production
  • Modern History
  • Physical Education Studies
  • Physics
  • Politics and Law
  • Psychology
  • Visual Art

The University Admissions Guide

This guide provides information about:

  • University entrance procedures
  • ATAR calculation
  • Alternate entry options for university
  • Recommended courses for university degrees
  • A list of all the degrees provided by the 4 public universities – Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA.
  • There is also a 5th university in WA – Notre Dame,  a private university. Check out their website for course information

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