Maturing Minds: A young adult ethos

What makes MSC different?

Manea Senior College is different to most other traditional high schools which can be defined by its unique educational philosophy. This difference flows through our belief that everyone is on their own journey. Our ethos is one of familiarity, with staff and students engaging on a first-name basis, fostering an atmosphere where everyone is treated with the respect deserving of young adults.


To become an adult, you must first be treated like an adult

Prepare students for life

At Manea, our core purpose is to ‘prepare students for life,’ and central to this mission is our unwavering commitment to instilling a young adult environment with workplace expectations. We firmly believe that in order to support young individuals in their transition to the adult world, it is imperative to treat our students as young adults. This guiding principle permeates every aspect of our daily practice.


Attracting students from across the region

A College for the South West

With over 550 students and 70 staff, Manea Senior College is not merely a ‘local Bunbury school’; it stands as a distinctive educational institution operating without any feeder schools since its foundation. This unconventional approach, defying the conventional educational model, consistently attracts students seeking a dynamic and progressive learning environment from diverse regions, including Harvey, Waroona, Collie, Busselton, Dunsborough and everywhere in between.

Inclusive senior school philosophy

Success looks different to everyone

Our students at Manea have the flexibility to pursue ATAR and general courses alongside nationally recognised training qualifications. We understand that the journey to success is as diverse as our students themselves, and our educational approach reflects this understanding, ensuring that each individual can define and achieve success on their own terms.

Safe to learn, safe to contribute

Student wellbeing

At Manea, student wellbeing is a top priority, fostering an environment where every student feels included and valued. Inclusion is woven into the fabric of our community, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background or identity, find a place where they belong. Creating a sense of safety to learn is paramount, encouraging students to explore and discover in a supportive atmosphere that nurtures intellectual curiosity.

Health and Medical Specialist Program

Future-ready in health

 Since its inception in 2009, Manea Senior College has been rooted in innovation, driven by the visionary spirit of its founder, Dr. Ern Manea. This commitment to innovation continues to shape the college’s legacy, evident in groundbreaking initiatives such as the Health and Medical Specialist Program (HMSP) – a trailblazing endeavour and the first of its kind in Western Australia.

Practical learning and skill development

Emphasis on real-world learning experiences

Manea places a strong emphasis on real-world learning experiences, recognising their crucial role in preparing students for adulthood and life beyond college. We believe that practical skills and exposure to authentic challenges contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities of the adult world.


By integrating real-world learning, students gain valuable insights and problem-solving skills, ensuring a seamless transition into diverse aspects of adulthood. Our commitment to providing these experiences underscores our dedication to preparing students for a well-rounded and purposeful life beyond their college years.

Enrolment Process

Enrol at MSC for 2025 and beyond

Manea Senior College is a dedicated environment for Year 11 and Year 12 students. We share a strong purpose to prepare students for life, developing in them the knowledge and skills to succeed beyond College.


For independent, motivated Year 11 and 12 students, who want to be treated as young adults, Manea offers a mature workplace environment – all day every day it’s about workplace behaviours and expectations.


Enquire about enrolling, view the uniform and indicative College fees.

Manea Magic – winners of the Excellence in teaching and learning (secondary) award at the 2023 WA Education Awards.
The award recognised the College’s staff for their commitment to providing practical, real-world learning opportunities for their students, through meaningful education pathways and community partnerships.

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