Health & Medical Specialist Program

Careers in Health

Attracting health and medical professionals to regional areas is recognised as a national priority. Manea Senior College is the first secondary school in Western Australia to respond to this area of need by establishing the Health and Medical Specialist Program (HMSP).


Manea’s HMSP gives secondary students seeking careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing and other allied health professions a head start in attaining their goals.


Students receive hands on, practical experience in their area of focus, as well as vital skills and knowledge for a career in the health industry. Through our Specialist Program, students will experience hospital and health provider visits, university tours and lectures and the chance to observe health professionals in action.

Our Program

HMSP is a signature program for Manea Senior College and has two parts to the experience. In Year 11 students participate in the program 2 periods per week for the year and are involved in a numerous activities and experiences (as indicated below) throughout the year.  In Year 12 students participate 1 period per week (with face to face and online elements) as they prepare for the culmination which involves a Regional Trip to Broome where they will deliver health promotion workshops at La Grange Remote Community School, tour Bidyadanga Health Centre and Broome Hospital, visit Notre Dame University’s Broome campus and network with staff, students and practitioners from the Majarlin Kimberley Centre for Remote Health. 


At the end of the Year 11 program, students are invited to apply for the Year 12 Regional Trip, with approximately 15 places available. This aspect of the program is supported by the College with a 50% contribution towards each students’ costs, including flights and accommodation.

Developing Skill Sets

  • Medical clinical skills
  • First Aid qualifications
  • Occupational Safety and Health qualifications
  • Conflict resolution, legal and ethical frameworks
  • Infection control qualifications
  • Health promotion

Industry Partnerships

Our health and medical supporters realise the importance of investing in local youth, and assist by providing:

    • Job shadowing
    • Work placement
    • Mentoring programs

Student Engagement

Students are involved in community based activities within the program including:

    • Crash scene simulation day  with St John Ambulance and Rural Clinical School students
    • Remote Aboriginal health cultural trip to Broome
    • Participation in medical conferences

Get a Head Start

Manea Senior College’s Health and Medical Specialist Program gives students seeking careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing or other health related professions a head start in attaining their goals.

The Application Process

Stage 1: This program is open to ATAR pathway students who apply to the program by creating a short 2-3minute video about themselves, their career aspirations, why they want to join the program and the personal growth they hope to gain.


Stage 2: Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to attend simulated health related tasks and activities at the College. The ability to communicate, work as part of a team, problem solve, read social cues, demonstrate empathy, and show respect for others are important elements to working in the health sector. These are the elements that will be looked at in this stage of the process with more detail provided to applicants prior to the event.

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