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Callum Hunter – South Western Times

A group of health and medical specialist students flew to Broome on Sunday to deliver a health and well being course at a rural remote school.

The Manea Senior College students ventured to the La Grange Remote Community School in the Bidyadanga Aboriginal community to deliver the course they have been working on for more than 18 months.

Health and medical specialist program teacher Jo Ellard said the trip would emphasise the difference between a rural area like Bunbury and a rural remote area such as Bidyadanga.

“The college supports this program a lot,” she said. “Over the last 18 months the students have been exposed to a variety of guest speakers, medical students a variety of clinical skills, lots of university camps and even VR scenarios.”

Designed and tailored for students seeking a career in health or medicine, the trip will pay dividends in the future and distinguish the students in interviews and on their resumes when applying for jobs.

According to group member Siobhan Kirk, the trip would provide her and her peers with essential exposure that would be key in determining which field of the allied health services they want to pursue a career in.

“I’m looking forward to going into the community and being able to teach them things,” she said.

“We’re doing health awareness workshops so it will be good to talk to them about that.”

Fellow student Lochlan Welsh said he was looking forward to experiencing a different culture as well as the opportunity to teach.

Shachor Eyal added she was looking forward to building her confidence by talking to children of all ages and from a different background.

Photo: Year 12 students Shachar Eyal, Siobhan Kirk and Lochlan Welsh are three of the 18 students that flew to Broome on Sunday.Picture:Callum Hunter

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