MSC College Captain Honour Roll


2023 – Lindsey Hall and Taleena Watts

2022 – Hudson La’Brooy-McIver and Holly Blacker
2021 – Sofia Fimognari and Luka Coulson
2020 – Alex Hendry and Koby McCosker-Norden
2019 – Arnya Arnold and Hudson Kirkland
2018 – Caitlin Lucas and Vivienne Noonan
2017 – Kara Lawlor and Josh Fearns
2016 – Annabelle Robinson and Tyrone O’Doherty
2015 – Daniel Mahon and Cat Brown
2014 – Travis Papalia and Kailyn Crabbe
2013 – Amy Szeglia
2012 – Erica Perry and Brittany Fisher
2011 – Branden Papalia and Mary Jack
2009 & 2010 – Aimee Harris and Ben Symons



MSC Dux of Year 12


2023                       Nina Bennett and Ryan Zahra

2022                       Alesia Riches

2021                       Alex Hawking and Isaiah Dyer
2020                       Shani Eyal
2019                       Henry Delbridge
2018                       Cailtin Lucas
2017                       Jon Kennedy and Flora Gibbs
2016                       Bethan Rainey
2015                       Daniel Lee
2014                       Nicholas Lawler
2013                       Jethro Neave
2012                       Jake Miller
2011                       Branden Papalia
2010                       Cynthia Sugianto



Excellence in Vocational Education & Training Award Winners


2023                       Monique Delaporte

2022                       Brodee Bacci
2021                       Maddison Milne
2020                      Elseya Seewraj
2019                       Bella Wilshusen
2018                       Tahlia Healy
2017                       Eden Kirchhoff
2016                       Breeanna Forestier
2015                       Aleisha Sharp
2014                       Tayla Davies
2013                       Jacinta Biddiscombe
2012                       Samantha O’Reilly
2011                       Konan Smith
2010                       Holly Giancono



Dr Ernie Manea  Award Winners


2023                      Lindsey Hall
2022                      Tia Beaumont
2021                       Luka Coulson
2020                      Olivia Edwards
2019                       Ella Smith
2018                       Cailtin Lucas
2017                       Maitland Ely
2016                       Jacob McGruddy
2015                       Emma Jensen
2014                       Travis Papalia
2013                       Caitlin Jones
2010                       Holly Giancono



Duke of Edinburgh Award Winners


2021                       Maddison Milne (Bronze Award), Katana Cox (Bronze Award)
2019                       Henry Delbridge (Silver Award), Erin Hill (Bronze Award)

For more information about these internationally recognised awards visit The Duke of Edinburgh website.



99 Club

Year 12 graduates who achieve an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 99 and above places them in the top 1% of results in WA. All these graduates have been included as honorary members of the exclusive 99 Club. 

MSC’s 99 Club Members

2022   Alesia Riches & Bianca MacPherson
2020   Shani Eyal
2018   Cyril Harkin, Caitlin Lucas & Jordan Walker
2017   Jon Kennedy
2016   Jessica Lawler, Shelley Goff & Jacob McGruddy
2015   Daniel Lee
2014   Nicholas Lawler & Leone van Wyk
2012   Rhys Cunniffe & Jake Miller  




Manea has provided a unique workplace environment with many opportunities, encouraging every individual to excel in all areas, whether it be ATAR, VET or in the workplace. I have been able to access teachers easily to get support when I needed it, and was trusted by the school and treated as a responsible adult, a change from other school experiences. At Manea, my efforts mattered more than anything else, which encouraged me to want to do well at school.


I loved every second of it! Manea was like the family that I never had. You could just feel the love from your peers, teachers and admin. I felt completely heard and all my passions and ideas were put forward which allowed me to grow as a person and excel in an amazing environment.

I personally think that Manea is an incredible school and their different approach to schooling makes learning more enjoyable. The teachers at Manea genuinely care if you succeed and they all try their hardest to support you to the finish line. I feel well prepared for my future, all thanks to Manea Senior College.
Manea has a great young adult environment that gives you the freedom to flourish in your learning
Manea was a friendly school that gave me hope and bright light to my future, there was always support when I needed it and I felt as though I could be myself, thank you to all the staff, best school by far!
Manea has been a pivotal part of my growth and development as a young adult. The working environment along with the teachers and support staff have been extremely supportive and encouraging throughout the two years I spent there.
Manea was an amazing experience. I feel like a have learnt so much within and out of the school curriculum. Having the opportunity to help fundraise for important charities has made this journey so much more amazing. I feel like I have gained a lot from Manea and will be able to use it outside of school.
Transferring to Manea Senior College for my final two years of high school was the best decision I could have ever made! I really enjoyed the independence and adult environment that Manea possesses. Every single teacher was really committed to my work and truly wanted to see me do my best.
Manea was awesome after moving around to a lot of different schools Manea was very good at accepting me and helping me achieve my year 12 WACE and grades. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asked.
I had an amazing time at Manea Senior College. I never realised how many job opportunities there were until coming to Manea. I was offered several pathways to go down and I am very thankful for those people who made it all possible. If anyone is deciding on going to Manea, I advise you to just take the step into a new journey because you definitely will not regret it. The teachers aren’t just there to teach you content, it is much more than that. They are all very respectful.
Manea Senior College offered me an overwhelmingly positive introduction to adult life and learning. The brilliant staff demonstrate their ability to follow the college ethos every second of each school day, accumulating in an overall attitude in which we were treated as equals. To add to this, the state of the art buildings gave each room a sense of openness which was perfect for a studious mind.
Manea was not only a college but became a second home to me. The friends you meet, the teachers and even the support staff all became a welcoming face in the morning. I wouldn’t have changed my choice to come here for the world.
Manea opened up my eyes about the work place and my schooling.
Manea Senior College gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded peers that encouraged me to go beyond my perceived abilities, and provided teachers who tried equally as hard to aid me in harnessing my full potential.
Manea encouraged me to take on new opportunities and changed my outlook on the world around me, based on the socially and culturally diverse student and teaching base. All of my teachers were passionate and inspiring in their subject areas.
The two years that I spent at Manea was a great experience. I made new friends and we were all treated like young adults in a work place environment. There were great opportunities presented at Manea that suited everyone.
My experience at Manea Senior College exceeded my expectations! I learned how to be time-efficient and got more than I expected out of my courses. I formed bonds between many of my teachers that I wouldn’t have in my previous school and many I know will stay with me in the future.
The past two years I spent at Manea were amazing, and exceeded all expectations. The school has such a positive and fun atmosphere that made me enjoy attending school. The teachers and staff were great, very helpful and patient. I would recommend Manea to everyone it’s an amazing place to learn and you are given great tools and skills that you will be able to use in your future endeavours.


Manea Senior College gave me an amazing experience and allowed me to grow as a person which bettered my education and social skills. The relationships with the teachers, for me, enabled me to work harder as I knew that there was someone to help with topics I didn’t understand and was easy to approach. Throughout year’s 11 and 12 Manea has given me experiences no other school could have and I thank you for that.
My experience at Manea Senior College has been memorable and I am grateful for all the support and pals I have met along the way!
The best part about Manea SC is it has the most dedicated, inspiring, bubbly teachers who really believe in you, and are there for you every step of the way. They all have high expectations of their students, which drives everyone to succeed.
Moving to Manea wasn’t a hard choice, I had read and heard about how amazing it is. From the friendly staff, and the wide range of options to choose from, to all the students being welcoming at the new journey that laid ahead. I will never forget my time at Manea, as I learned how to be independent, make choices that will positively affect me, had amazing friends, and experienced what it would be like in the work industry. All the teachers were supportive and helped out whenever you needed it not just in the classrooms. There were amazing activities to get involved in which will forever stay in my heart, as the experience of my senior life was unforgettable. I would recommend Manea to any upcoming year 11’s and 12’s, as it was to me.
Moving to Manea during high school was a great decision. This school provides enormous opportunities for every individual and supports them through everything they are willing to be a part of. Two years that I have spent in Manea were filled with different events and great memories (some of the events included Wear It Purple Day, Are u OK Day and many others). If you study hard and do the best you can, you’ll get multiple benefits, from attending a free lunch for 100% attendance to having the benefit of permission to have study at ECU and to being a part of the AAA group (which celebrates the students who have the highest results from the whole cohort). Manea teachers are willing to help when you need it, often sacrificing a lot of their time, staying after school and helping out with the homework. It does not matter which pathway you choose, VET or ATAR, Manea team will do the best for your studies and achievements. It was a great time and period of my life. Thank you to all of the college team.

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