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Vocational Education & Training

Are you after hands on, practical skills and knowledge that prepares you for the world of work? Are you looking for a pathway to provide you with industry skills to join the workforce?

Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides you with skills and knowledge to perform effectively in the workplace. A VET qualification prepares you for, or in some instances qualifies you to do, a specific job.
VET can contribute directly to your career goals no matter what your destination is. It all counts in some way at different points in your career.

Why Would I Choose Vocational Education & Training?
  • VET offers many pathways towards your career and vocation aspirations
  • VET is nationally recognised which means you can take it anywhere in Australia
  • VET contributes significantly towards your WACE.

The VET Pathway is for students who are looking at:
  • Completing a Certificate, WACE and going on to further study at TAFE/work;
  • Starting an apprenticeship at school and completing WACE;
  • Bridging to University
  • Leaving school before graduating
Work Placement

Often students combine VET with Workplace Learning. Students can use time spent in the workplace towards meeting the requirements of WACE through an Endorsed Program.

Trade Training Centre Courses

Bunbury Regional Trade Training Centre (BRTTC) are purpose built, industry standard facilities that operate over three sites – Bunbury Catholic College, Eaton Community College and Manea Senior College. 2021 Course offerings booklet 

South Regional TAFE courses

This booklet provides information on the range of qualifications being offered at South Regional TAFE South West and Central campus under the Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) program. 2021 Course offerings booklet  

Manea Senior College Courses

Online Courses

Creative Industries – Cert II – 3D Animation Foundation
Information, Digital Media and Technology – Cert III (Game Design Foundations)

Certificate II and III Animal Studies (online plus practical). The Certificate II and III in Animal Studies certificates combine simple, easy to understand theory information with a practical placement in the animal industry. The theory component is delivered via an interactive online learning portal, making learning both flexible and fun. The course is comprised of relevant topics covering the main fundamental principles of working in the animal care industry. Students are also required to choose 1 species specific animal care unit which must correspond with a species they are working with as part of their practical placement.

To gain the practical skills required to successfully complete this course, students are required to spend 150 hours in an animal care facility of their choice (as approved by Manea SC). This will enable them to put into practice the theory components of the course and develop the hands-on skills that are essential for a career in the animal industry. Suitable facilities might include kennels, catteries, doggy day care centres, agistment centres, animal welfare shelters, pet shops (with animals), wildlife rehabilitation centres or zoos. This qualification is highly competitive with limited places available.

**Online courses are specifically aimed at students who display excellent time management skills, self-discipline and have achieved the required entrance levels. Students need to demonstrate traits to achieve success in self-paced/unsupervised learning environment. Online courses have different levels of student support and mentoring from RTO and/or MSC. College approval is required to undertake online courses

Other MSC courses

Certificate IV Business Administration – Year 12. This qualification is suited to those working as administrators and project officers. In this role, individuals use well developed skills and a broad knowledge base to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyse information from a variety of sources. They may provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for the output of others.

Potential career pathways include: Administrator, Executive Personal Assistant, Office Administrator, Project Officer, Sales Account Assistant and Sales Agent. Talk to our VET Coordinators for more information about this course

Certificate IV Preparation for Health & Nursing Education – Year 12. This course teaches students essential information who might be considering becoming a nurse. This course will provide the underpinning knowledge of human anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, health mathematics and the application of the fundamentals of physics and chemistry to nursing practice.

Students will also develop an understanding of how microbiology is related to health care and the use of effective academic skills, including word-processed presentation of work. On completion of this course you will be able to use effective study management and assignment preparation, understand and use medical terminology, understand human biology, understand fundamentals of physics and chemistry, understand microbiology and understand health science and mathematics. Talk to our VET Coordinators for more information about this course


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